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The Artist Sandee Carlson: Sandee grew up in a small town in West Virginia. She moved to California at the age of 18 where she started a banking career which spanned 30 plus years. Even though she worked hard at the banking profession, climbing her way up the corporate ladder, her heart was always dedicated to the arts.

As a child Sandee loved color and beauty. Her mother’s God given talent to decorate their home with an amazing flare inspired Sandee and instilled a love for decorating while giving her soul a thirst to create and recreate. You will often see the warmth of a home in her paintings. Sandee’s dad was a Coal Miner in his younger years where he spent time studying electronics by the light on his miner’s cap. Due to his drive and tenacity he became a well known inventor prior to his death in 1982. Sandee’s dad’s drive, focus and love of creating are evident in her artwork. After Sandee’s recovery from breast cancer, she picked up a paintbrush for the first time in May, 2000 and it was at that moment in time that her life would be changed forever. Sandee feels it was at that instant it became evident that she was born to paint and it had now been revealed to her.

She works on her art for hours on end without tiring. Sandee’s Art comes from within, not from photos. Sandee’s soul is at rest while painting. Her husband Doug recognized her ability and encouraged her to do what she loved most, paint. As a gift, Doug purchased the first easel encouraging Sandee to put her heart and soul on canvas. Once Doug realized the talent that had been hidden within Sandee all these years, he began his own journey. He believed so much in her talents; Doug began planning for the future. First he created a small home studio, and then he decided that Sandee would have her own art gallery to share all these happy paintings with the world. He continues to support her dream. He dreams her dreams.

Sandee wants to share the peace and joy of her paintings with you. She is a humanitarian and also extremely compassionate. Her warmth shines like a beacon through all the beautiful art pieces. She is a self-taught artist who is extremely passionate about her work. Sandee’s art definitely comes from the heart.

Entrepreneur Doug Carlson: Doug was born in Minneapolis Mn and at the age of 18 he joined the US Air Force. After serving 4 yrs in the service he became a full time student at Sacramento State where he earned his degree in business. Doug held 3 jobs during his college years, but still managed to graduate at the top of his class. He has always been an entrepreneur seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. Doug spent several years in the construction business putting his creative talents to excellent use. He also worked in the banking industry...

Doug and Sandee met in early 1989 and married in 1990. They resided in Merced California with their daughter, Stephanie, Murphy the cat and Special their dog until Nov 2004. Stephanie was off at College; therefore, Doug and Sandee took a leap of faith and moved to Cambria, Ca. opening their Gallery in late November. Both Doug and Sandee fell deeply in love with this little warm and friendly town. Cambria is the perfect place for Sandee to express herself through art and for Doug to continue his career as a builder of homes…

"Heart Felt"
by Alan Kasparian regarding "Art From the Heart Gallery"

  • A special gallery by the sea allows many a dream to be.
  • Beautiful art form her own heart is what truely sets this woman apart.
  • Realizing one day she had the painting knack started in motion a new life's track.
  • Painting things is what she loves to do a happy spirit living life aknew.
  • She overcame difficulties which brought her to this place an art studio which is her own space.
  • For God had a purpose for her to fullfill, doing something she loves is good for her will.
  • The beauty of our world provides the spark, as painting lifts her from the dark.
  • Heart inspiration put down in many ways, this is how she spends her days.
  • Full of life with colors so bright, this wonderful work is a welcomed sight.
  • So visit the gallery in this coastal setting, because Sandee's art is well worth getting.

Sandee Carlson | Doug Carlson | "Heart Felt Sentiments"


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